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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Get To Know Me


If people are gonna read this here blog, I figure people might want to know a bit about the maestro behind the curtain pulling the strings….so, here goes.


Name: Kyle
Aliases: Kyle Voorhees, K. Frankenstein, Hey You – Awesome Dude
Age: 24, turning 25 on Halloween. Yes, my birthday is on Halloween.
Favourite Horror Film: Dawn Of The Dead (1978)
Favourite Classic Horror Film: Bride Of Frankenstein (1935)
Favourite Non-Horror Film: Scarface (1982)
Favourite Band(s): Avenged Sevenfold, Wednesday 13, Calabrese
Favourite Video Game(s): Final Fantasy VIII, Gears Of War 2, Gears of War

A Little More: My name is Kyle. I am 24. I have a beautiful fiancee named Jill, and we have the most awesome son in the universe, Dexter. He is my everything, and he is the coolest 1 year old ever. I have been a horror fan for many years, and my DVD collection consists of over 500 DVDs currently, the majority of which are horror.

I am a big fan of the George A. Romero Dead movies, as well as the Friday The 13th series. I also thoroughly enjoy the classic Universal Monster films, especially the Boris Karloff Frankenstein films.

I want this blog to be a great place for horror fans to come read an opinion, and feel open to agree or disagree, which is why comments will always be open to the public, read and generally responded to. I hope to get to know my readers as they get to know me, and we can enjoy this crazy ride.

Twitter: @K_Frankenstein

- K. Frankenstein

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