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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Random Thoughts for Sept. 22


Time for some random musings.

- Picked up the book Psycho by Robert Bloch yesterday. Yes, it is the book upon which the classic Hitchcock film is based. And it is an incredible read. Wastes no time getting into things, and is very hard to put down. I highly recommend that anyone who can get a hold of it, most certainly does. I will have more on the book once it is finished and I do a review for the site.

- I am strongly considering sitting down this weekend and having a Romero “Dead”-a-thon. Just pound through all 6 movies. My fear is that so much Romero would make me wanna watch his other great non-“Dead” films like Creepshow and Martin.


- Speaking of Martin, is there a more criminally underseen and underrated horror film? I love this movie with all my heart, and think it is truly sad that many people are not even aware of its existence.

- It is television premieres week. The only shows I can really bring myself to care about this year are Dexter and the Walking Dead. I am also interested in the new season of Supernatural, but worried about the quality of the show as creator Eric Kripke has taken a backseat and won’t be running the show anymore. This coupled with the fact that he originally intended for the 5th season to be the last makes me weary of the quality. But here’s hoping for a pleasant surprise.

- That’s all for now fiends, stay tuned for some new stuff coming up soon.

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